Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Variety:  Too much of a good thing

 A wise teacher told me once that if everything is emphasized, then nothing ends up being emphasized.

(The conversation might have taken place in the context of using too many exclamation points! No!! Really!! That's what he said!!!!)

Once my mind has processed "oh, yeah; this is an ad," my eye starts in the upper-left with the photo ... and then it sort of knows where to go next, but it it isn't really sure it wants to make the trip. 

It looks like the blocky serif type of "Man's Best Friend" might be this company's logo - note the repetition in the lower-right corner - and I see what they were trying to do with carrying the same font from the photo to the headline over the right column. But the odd gap between the two bits of display type just makes me want to look away. As does the frequent use of ALL-CAPS within the body of the ad.

Not the worst ad I've ever seen, but - in spite of the cute baby and the dogs - it just doesn't deliver a powerful visual message.

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